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We are sorry but these workshops are full!
Please click here to e-mail John or David to see if there have been cancellations.

Topics we will cover

Both of these full-day workshops will cover all the basics of Photoshop as it applies to yearbook.

Topics will include:

  • Using Photoshop in the best and smartest way
  • Working with layers
  • Photo Repair (fixing photos that are too dark, light and more.)
  • Color balancing (get the yellow out of gym pics)
  • Fixing everything with the Camera RAW filter
  • Doing cutouts the right way
  • Fixing subjects— including retouching portraits
  • Fixing old yearbook scans
  • Working with type to create cool headlines and graphics
  • Breakout & pop-out photos
  • Building digital collages
  • Creating and adjusting business ad artwork
  • Automating your work to work FASTER with Actions
  • Input from class registrants*

*  Pre-registered attendees can send specific Photoshop techniques they would like to know more about to the instructor in advance of the class.

Our Instructor

We are thrilled to have Jim Bellomo back teaching Photoshop in South Carolina. Jim, our Photoshop instructor has been using Photoshop for almost 20 years on a daily basis. He has written Photoshop for Yearbook, with more than 90 individual tutorials to assist yearbook staffers in making their photos AWESOME! Come meet him and let him help you make yours AWESOME too.


Don't miss the chance to work with our plant artist

All schools will have an opportunity to work with one of our plant artists to create their 2018 yearbook cover!

This is the best way to design your cover when you can converse with the artist as he works.



We get asked about this incredible program almost every day by students and advisers who want to create something truly unique to add to their yearbook or to just fix a photo they “have-to-have” and can’t take again. Either way, we are bringing you  Jostens Photoshop guru, Jim Bellomo to show you how to do all that. This kind of workshop can change the way you deal with photography and your pictures.

Plus you will get a great lunch and your staff will have time to meet with our plant artist to design your 2018 yearbook cover.

Who? Bring yourself and one or two students. Registration is limited to 30 attendees (advisers or students) so register NOW!

WHAT? Learn Photoshop from a master who is fun to work with plus get hundreds of files to use in creating your yearbook.

When? Attend either:
Wednesday, April 26 or Friday, April 28, 2017.

Wednesday, April 26 we will be at Lexington High School in Lexington. Click here for directions.

Friday, April 28 we will be at West Ashley High School in Charleston. Click here for directions.

How? Register at right! Do it now!

Registration is $50 per student. Lunch in included as well as time with our plant artist to design your 2018 cover. Those attending this workshop will also receive more than three gigabytes of bonus files including backgrounds, object photos, fonts, mascots and more.

WHY? We guarantee that there is nothing that will help you improve your photography as much as this class.

Sign up NOW!